Terms and Condition

Sunanda Environmental International Pvt Ltd
15, S.P. Mukherjee Road, 3rd Floor
West Bengal
Hereinafter referred to as “the Contractor”

  1. The Contractor commits to ensuring that they will have enough staff and Server Capacity to develop, maintain and manage software as well program related services and management including supply.
    Any faults / errors that occur will be immediately resolved by the Contractor based on the maintenance agreement.
  2. In the event of maintenance the Contractor will provide specific time period notice to the Client/ Company, along with expected down-time.
  3. This agreement cannot be assigned or transferred by the Contractor without the consent of the client/ Company.
  4. This Contract is subject to interpretation under Indian Law, and both parties acknowledge and understand this upon signature.
  5. All orders shall be subject to the Company’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale except as amended within this agreement.
  6. The Contractor hereby agrees to ensure the data and information collected from the use          of the Mobile application name software is kept secure and in line with the data privacy laws of the Government of India.
  7. The Contractor agrees to ensure the data and information to utilise the mobile application will not be passed on to any third party for any use outside of this agreement.