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About Sunanda Enviromental
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Sunanda Enviromental International Private Limited
Founded in the year 2012, Sunanda is working in partnership with state governments under the National Rural Drinking Water Programme, Government of India, to design, implement and manage large-scale water testing programmes.
Each programme is highly customized and can be designed to utilise a range of testing technologies. The system offers real-time reporting of results through smartphones which significantly speeds up identification of contaminated sources, enables rapid remedial action to prevent consumption of unsafe drinking water and increases accountability in water testing & reporting.
Our dedicated team of professionals strive hard to create efficient and sustainable models for improving public health on a large scale. Sustainability is at the heart of our planning.
We aim to assist our clients to improve existing reporting and monitoring systems by embracing the latest technologies. At the same time, we promote awareness about water quality, water testing, purification and conservation in and amongst the rural and urban communities.
We at Sunanda Enviromental International believe in transparency and clarity of thought implementation and action. We understand that the Water Quality scenario varies greatly from one geographical region to another, so the answer to different water quality issues can never be the same, thus our experienced and skilled Water Quality and IT professionals are ever ready to provide highly customized, specific and efficient solutions of myriad water quality problems.

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